Dorchester Pebble Electric Kettle

  • $99.99


Taking inspiration from the British countryside, the Haden company's pioneering use of color looks to the chalky ramparts of Maiden Castle near Dorchester for the grey exterior of this striking kettle. Accented with brown and stainless steel, the kettle features six preset temperatures for brewing pour-over or French press coffee and various types of tea. The kettle holds water at your desired temperature for up to 45 minutes. Pair with the matching appliances for a coordinated kitchen with plenty of retro styles.

Dimensions: 6.06" W x 9.01" D x 10" H
Stainless steel and plastic
6 preset temperatures: 110°, 130°, 175°, 190°, 200°, and 212° Fahrenheit
The reheat function maintains the desired below-boiling temperature for up to 45 minutes
LED screen
Digital buttons on the handle
1,500 watts
Hand wash only