How to Clean a Kettle

Have you ever owned a kettle and wondered how to get rid of calcium build-up inside the kettle?

Well put that scrubber away before you damage your precious kettle!  Use citric acid instead.


1. Fill half of the kettle with water and bring it to boil. Once boiled, add 2 tbsp of citric acid. Citric acid is natural and powerful limescale remover, which leaves no aftertaste.
2. Wait for 15 mins. Add more citric acid and leave it in the kettle for longer if there’s heavy limescale in your kettle.
3. Turn the kettle on and reboil with citric acid still inside the kettle.
4. Empty the kettle and rinse thoroughly.


Remove water marks or any limescale from outside of your kettle by using white Vinegar spray. It will remove the limescale that builds up on your kettle’s surface.
For any stubborn marks you will need to leave the product to soak, e.g. dab on with a cloth and leave for couple of minutes. As you cannot immerse the kettle in water to soak, for large areas of limescale you could apply kitchen paper and mould around.
Don’t use any harsh products or anything abrasive to scrub the limescale off. It would damage the kettle.
To make your kettle shiny use a microfiber or a glass cloth with a tiny spritz of the vinegar spray. Clean the base in the same way. It’s important to keep the base clean and dry to prevent corrosion, damage or limescale.

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