The Haden Story

HADEN has a rich and innovative history, with over 150 years of manufacturing experience. Originally a bicycle making business in the late 1880’s, A.H. Haden Motorcycles became ‘Haden Bros’ after Alfred’s sons Donald and Denis took over the business in 1937.

In 1958 Denis created his own, separate company, D.H. Haden Ltd. to focus his efforts on manufacturing kettles. Following on from Haden’s heritage in pioneering colour and design on kettles, we now take inspiration for new collections from the British countryside and stunning seaside towns. A gorgeous countryside filled with working farms and barns, the history of the Cotswolds region of England gives an abundance of inspiration. We have taken inspiration from the window and door frames of traditional barbs, painted in a Sage colour. Our Putty is reminiscent of the clay valleys in the Dorset region, while Turquoise mirrors the beautiful hue of the Cornwall coast.


Going Green

We believe in using only what you need. Cup markings on our water windows mean that precious water will not be wasted, furthermore enabling no more than the exact amount of energy to be consumed. We also give you spare filters to help extend the life expectancy of your kettle.



Hadens’ pioneering of the cordless kettle and notoriety for making the kettle safe for household use is why the brand, as we know it today, is synonymous with the words ‘electric kettle’. We pride ourselves on our products being of the highest quality in both functionality, appearance and certification.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Every product at Haden is developed in depth with rigorous attention to detail, from the application of colour and the visual aesthetic to how products feel to hold and use. This is why we offer a limited one year guarantee on all of our products, giving our customers the same confidence in the Haden range that we as brand custodians have.



Here To Help

At Haden, we love our customers as much as they love us. Our approach to customer service is inspired by the typically British mentality and renound phrase ‘the customer is always right’, popularised by renound retailer Harry Gordon Selfridge - London, 1909. Feedback is something we value greatly which is why we make it as easy as possible for you to reach us. To get in touch or keep up to date with the Haden brand, follow us on social media: